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What to Watch Tuesday: Sons of Anarchy and 3 Other Finales, a Chicago Fire Fight and More

Source: TV Balla | Dec 10 2013, 6:20am CST | by TV Line

On TV this Tuesday: Sons of Anarchy rides off into the sunset; The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife and S.H.I.E.L.D. press pause...
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Jon Hamm Gave Amy Poehler The Perfect Advice During Her Pregnancy Meltdown

Oct 29 2014 12:11pm CDT | Source: Huffington Post

Pregnancy can be a scary thing, but it gets infinitely scarier when your OB/GYN dies days before you're due. That's exactly what pregnant Amy Poehler found out was happening while filming a "Mad Men" parody for "SNL." The comedian told Seth Meyers, who incidentally had to anchor "Weekend Update" alone for the first time because of the pregnancy, that the news caused her to totally lose it. Poehler then recalled that her meltd ...
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'SNL' Mocks Ebola Panic With 'The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything'

Oct 5 2014 10:07am CDT | Source: Huffington Post

John Green's story of young love in the face of terminal disease was an international bestseller, and the film a box office success. But what if, instead of cancer, the protagonist had Ebola. Verrrrry different story. During its Sarah Silverman-helmed episode, "SNL" addressed the Ebola panic that has struck the U.S. with a fictional trailer for "The Fault In Our Stars 2: The Ebola In Our Everything." ...
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IPad Air Giveaway 2014 is Online
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Sarah Silverman's 'SNL' Promos With Taran Killam Are So Adorable You'll Want It To Be Saturday NOW

Oct 1 2014 11:16am CDT | Source: Huffington Post

If her promos with Taran Killam are any indication, Sarah Silverman's first outing as "Saturday Night Live" host is going to be adorably silly. Silverman had a brief stint as a writer for the long-running sketch show in the '90s, which she said herself didn't go well. But with proven comedic and musical chops as well as a penchant for social and political satire, Silverman should prove a natural "SNL" host. Plus, she ...
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'SNL' Marvel Trailer Proves They Can Make A Superhero Movie Out Of Pretty Much Anything

Sep 29 2014 11:36am CDT | Source: Huffington Post

Dear Lorne Michaels, Please begin production on "Pam 2: The Winter Pam" immediately. Love, HuffPost Comedy and everyone else in the universe There were plenty of stand-out moments in the Season 40 premiere of "Saturday Night Live" -- Cecily Strong's return as The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With At A Party, Pete Davidson's debut, the repeated swipes at the NFL -- but a Marvel trailer spoof might have been ...
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Answers to your questions about the 'SNL' premiere

Sep 28 2014 9:48am CDT | Source: USATODAY

How was host Chris Pratt? Which new featured player shined? We have the answers.       Related StoriesChris Pratt opens pickle jars, fights off advances from Kate McKinnon in 'SNL' promosFirst 'SNL' hosts, musical guests of Season 40 are announcedGeorge Clooney's aunt Rosemary spotted ...
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Watch Chris Pratt Be Endearing In His 'SNL' Musical Monologue

Sep 28 2014 8:09am CDT | Source: Huffington Post

Welcome to Season 40 of "Saturday Night Live." Here is Chris Pratt singing a country song about being on the show and having sex with Anna Faris -- his real-life wife, who was there in the audience to support and laugh at him talking about that one time "a baby popped out." Watch him bravely giggle through his nervousness in the ...
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Bill Hader Doesn't Really Have A Lot To Say About The Changes To Weekend Update

Sep 16 2014 4:06pm CDT | Source: Huffington Post

Bill Hader appeared on HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss his new role in the indie film "The Skeleton Twins," but the former "Saturday Night Live" cast member couldn't get out of the studio without answering one question about "SNL." Namely, does he have a take on the shakeup to the show's Weekend Update desk, where Michael Che will replace Cecily Strong for the new season? "No. It's interesting ...
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Bill Hader's Failed 'SNL' Impression Is Still Amazing

Sep 16 2014 3:50pm CDT | Source: Huffington Post

Bill Hader was the king of impressions at "SNL," but on Monday's "Late Night" he talked to Seth Meyers about one particular impression that totally bombed. During the interview, Hader revealed that the "SNL" dress rehearsal audience absolutely hated a sketch he wrote with John Mulaney about Bob Simon, a "60 Minutes" correspondent who the actor thinks gets stuck with a lot of terrible assignments. In the ...
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