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TVS Classic TV Network to Launch on IPTV June 2

Source: TV Balla | May 29 2014, 3:44pm CDT

TVS Global Media, which was founded as the TVS Television Network in 1960, will launch a full time ad supported 24/7 streaming IPTV "Micro Channel" called TVS Classic TV Network. The channel will carry classic TV programming from 1947-1990 in all genres.
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TVS Global Media Names Electric Sunshine Studios in Michigan as the TVS Tech Center for All Networks

Source: TV Balla | Apr 30 2014, 2:21am CDT

TVS, the fourth oldest commercial broadcast network in the USA, has selected Electric Sunshine Studios to operate the TVS Tech Center, which will distribute all TVS audio, video, and text networks to broadcast, cable, and IPTV platforms.
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TVS Global Media Adds New Roller Derby Shows to the TVS Sports Network

Source: TV Balla | Apr 9 2014, 2:16am CDT

TVS Global Media, owner of the TVS Sports Network, will air new Roller Derby broadcasts from the American Roller Skating Derby in 2014. TVS outlets will include regional sports networks, broadcast stations, and IPTV based TVS "Micro Channels."
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Source: TV Balla | Jan 13 2014, 9:34am CST

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Source: TV Balla | Nov 13 2013, 3:18am CST | by PR.com

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