Homer Simpson will Appear Live on The Simpsons This May

Something new is in the air. Homer Simpson will be appearing in the context of the town of Springfield. A May episode is in the works on the Fox Channel.

According to The Wrap, this episode will show Bart, Marge and Lisa lending paterfamilias Homer the responsibility for managing on his own. Instead of filling his gut with junk food, Homer will be making some commentary in the form of news. 

East Coast and West Coast live broadcasts will take place with Homer Simpson in the hot seat. The executive producer Al Jean explained how he will get the whole thing off the ground.

The last three minutes of the show which will air on May 15th will showcase motion capture technology to make Dab Castellaneta undergo some animation.

This is the dude who lends the voice overs for Homer. He is very good at his job for he knows his ABCs. A lot of effort will be put in the episode to make the live show even livelier. 

Dan will not be left on his own throughout the episode. Al Jean and the rest of the scriptwriters will be in the background. They will see to it that any last minute changes do not go amiss.

This is a big moment for animation at its best. Al Jean feels confident that the whole project will prove to be a success. People will surely like it. He and his team have 90 more days to perfect their techniques and tools-of-the-trade.

The Simpsons creative team is another inspiration and offshoot of this project. Termed “Grease: Live” this Simpsons spinoff will only lead to a case of the more the merrier. 

The show will air a lot of queries regarding Donald Trump, that rich and obnoxious candidate for POTUS in the upcoming elections. Homer’s animation is a hot topic and one that will get many hearts racing in anticipation.

There will be other characters in the show besides Homer. The only ones missing from the scene will be Grandpa Simpson and Barney Gumble. Al Jean is testing the waters with the tip of his toe.

He wants to gauge the climate before he proceeds. The Simpsons live episode will revive memories of Bart saying “eat my shorts” and Homer blurting out “duh” in his usual stupid air-headed manner. 

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