The View Loses 3 More Advertisers while Miss America CEO Appreciates Joy Behar’s Apology

Joy Behar and Michelle Collins played with fire when they made some comments. They always make comments but this time they hit a nerve with nurses. Behar and Collins passed some comments on the Miss America’s contestant Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado.

Kelley’s talent segment performance included Kelley dressed up in her nurse’s uniform and stethoscope while delivering a monologue. Joy commented that Kelley was wearing a costume overdone by the stethoscope.

Unaware that Kelley was actually a nurse, Joy invited a PR nightmare for The View. The nursing community and their supporters backlashed at the show hosts. One of those supporters is Miss America’s CEO himself, Sam Haskell III.

Sam said that his own mother was a nurse and Joy’s comments have been unfair and unprecedented. He was proud of what Kelley had performed. She had used her time wisely to get a message through that she believed in. He was glad now that Joy had apologized for what she had said as soon as she had realized what happened. 

Sam Haskell told People, “My mother was a nurse. It hurt all nurses to hear Michelle [Collins] and Joy criticize the talent choice of Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado!”

“Kelley used the talent portion of the Miss America competition to share her passion about a special story experienced through her job,” the CEO said. “I am glad that Michelle and Joy apologized.”

Yes, Joy Behar and Michelle Collins both apologized for what they had said about Kelley. They explained that they had been inattentive and didn’t know she Kelley was a nurse. The show even went ahead by inviting over 30 healthcare professionals to the show. 

That is not helping their show though. Ever since the show’s controversial status hit hard, sponsors have been pulling out. ABC is trying hard to do damage control. An on air apology and the invitation of healthcare professionals has been an effort to retain the show’s status.

The damage however seems to be done. Many sponsors have already pulled out their investments from the show. Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best pulled out of sponsorship earlier this week.

Their example has been followed by Party City, Snuggle and McCormick spices. The only thing that could save the show now might be Kelley declaring her blessing on the show.

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