Swatch says One More Thing Trademark refers to Columbo

Swatch raised eyebrows last week when a report surfaced that the company trademarked “Just One More Thing.” This is the famous line Steve Jobs used at Apple Media event to introduce new devices at the end of the show. Apple fans were up in arms. 

Now Swatch revealed that the trademark of “Just One More Thing” has nothing to do with Apple. It is in reference to legendary TV series Columbo starring Peter Falk. 


A Swatch representative told TechRadar: “In principle, Swatch trademarks all of its watch names (or names of its collections) in different categories. In the current collection, you can find names like ‘Moitié-Moitié’ or ‘Centrino’, which were inspired by culinary specialties (the very famous Swiss cheese fondue), or by technics. Others are inspired by movies. In this case, the name was inspired by inspector Columbo’s citation ‘Just one more thing’ – obviously our design team plans to launch a collection inspired by the Film Noir.”

Columbo is not by definition Film Noir, it is in best case neo-noir, but we let that slide. Columbo debuted in 1968. Film Noir describes Hollywood crime dramas made between early 1940s to the late 1950s. It includes classics like “The Big Sleep, The Big Heat and Gun Crazy.

The take away from the story is that Apple fans cannot exclusively claim “one more thing.” Lieutenant Columbo used that line decades before Steve Jobs.

Earlier this week we reported that Swatch is not going to compete with the Apple Watch. A new interview with Swatch CEO Nick Hayek made that clear. The Swatch smart watches will only offer single smart features. These watches like the imminent Swatch NFC will be cheap and offer a single convenient smart function like mobile payment.

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