Jurassic World Star Chris Pratt Runs in Heels – Watch

Chris Pratt can do anything. Literally anything, from running around with dinosaurs to running around in heels you name it! During an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ Pratt showed off his high heel struts along with co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Jake Johnson for Jurassic World. 

On the show Corden asked Howard how she was able to run around in the movie from dinosaurs in high heels. Howard answered she had to train in heels as if she was running for the Olympics,  as she runs around for her life in Jurassic World wearing high heels. 

Chris Pratt then called his co-star Howard a total trooper for having done phenomenal amount of running in the flick. Corden then asked Pratt if he would ever be game to running around in high heels to which Pratt replied if only he ever found a pair of heels big enough to fit him.

Viola Corden brings out a pair of red heels in Pratt’s size which Pratt graciously accepts and states he thinks he may be up to it, while Howard declares he is up to anything. 

What followed next was an iconic gut wrenchingly funny scene where Pratt runs around the set in red heels. Pratt gets up and runs around the studio as fast as he can to the high-five bandleader Reggie Watts and even manages to come back and twirl with his hands held at his side like showing off a new dress. 

The walk was not a sprint like the one Howard does in the Jurassic World but it was worth watching and Pratt received a standing ovation from Corden and his co-stars after the impressive run. 

Watch below the video in which Chris Pratt runs in high heels in tribute to Jurassic World co-star Bryce Dallas Howard on The Late Late Show.


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