Jane Fonda Reveals All on Ellen DeGeneres Show

Jane Fonda says it like it is and calls a spade a spade. She made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and recounted her sexual exploits which she engaged in during the heady days of her youth. The game she participated in on the fun-filled show was titled “Never Have I Ever” and Fonda held up the circular sign saying “I Have” when it came to gratuitous and promiscuous sex (the toe-curling kind). 

Among her sexual acrobatics, which she retold with flair and flamboyance, are nookie with a male Casanova who was many years younger than her. In fact, he could have been the age of her offspring. And she also made out surreptitiously with a man in a washroom at a party. But the apex of her personal life was when she joined the mile high club. 

Now we all know what the mile high club is. Making love aboard an airplane while it is up in the air is what the mile high club is all about. But according to Jane Fonda she had no idea of what that term meant when she actually engaged in the act it describes. And, believe it or not, it was with the founder of CNN, the one and only, Ted Turner. He invited her to be his love object and the two got it on while in the seats of a jet airliner. 

Jane was 50 years old at the time she joined the mile high club. Actually it was the fourth time that Ted Turner was consecutively dating her. Later on he would marry her and divorce her too. He was on his own private jet plane. Jane said that the two simply transformed the seats into a love shack of sorts and made sweet love to each other. Ah! You are quite a seductress and temptress, Plain Jane!  

Ellen was quite surprised when Jane kept swinging up the circular sign every time she was questioned about  any shocking act she had engaged in during the past. There were even times she was asked if she had stolen an item from a shop or been dead drunk. Jane Fonda is known for her candor and classic straightforwardness. Jane Fonda is a super fit female who looks half her age even though she is currently 77 years old. 


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