Tom Hanks Teaches David Letterman Selfie Stick Use

Tom Hanks knows how to make an appearance a memorable one especially when it’s the last time he may be sitting down with David Letterman. Hanks appeared as a guest on the last week of David Letterman on the Late Show and made sure people would be talking about it for quite some time. Hanks pulled out a selfie stick from his back pocket and started giving a lesson to Letterman on how to use the gadget. 

The moment Hanks pulled the selfie stick out Letterman seemed confused but Hanks explained to Letterman what the selfie stick really is and why it is acceptable to carry it around and use it.

Hanks then shared some very interesting facts with Letterman, as Hanks related the selfie sticks are sold all over Florence, which is the homeland of the Renaissance movement. Although the joke brought a smile to our faces we’re not entirely sure about the authenticity of the claim. 

Hanks then proceeded in describing the process involved in using a selfie stick in the most adorable way. Even though Hanks faced some challenges in setting up the selfie stick he was successful in the end and took a clear snap with David Letterman.

After the device was set Hanks took a picture with Letterman including the famous background of the Late Show behind the duo and finished giving his selfie stick lesson to David Letterman. 

When Letterman saw the picture he told Hanks it looks like someone else took their picture and Hanks replied it does that way which will work for Letterman as it will mean Letterman finally went on a vacation with a friend. 

Watch below the video of Tom Hanks teaching David Letterman how to use selfie stick.

Originally posted in i4u News

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