Bill Cosby Accused by 2 More Women for Sexual Assault

On Friday two more women stepped forward to accuse the comedian Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault which occurred decades ago who has never been charged. The list of accusers in the Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal has now grown to 40 women.

The two women who came forward in a press conference are actress Lili Bernard and writer Sammie Mays and were represented by the renowned lawyer Gloria Allred. 

Lili Bernard was an actress in the nineties and Bill Cosby mentored her when she guest starred in the final season of the famous ‘The Cosby Show’. Bernard played the character of Mrs. Minifield and alleges Cosby drugged and raped her.

Bernard shared with BuzzFeed how Cosby won her trust by praising her but after raping her Cosby told her she’s dead and doesn’t exist. Following the incident Bernard became suicidal and even sought medical help, and still suffers from panic attacks and night terrors.

Bernard previously came clean to her friends, family and her pastor but this is the first time she is informing law enforcement because she wants to show her 6 year old daughter to stand with the truth and believes herself a survivor.

Sammie Mays was a writer covering a television convention during the 80’s when she met Cosby. Mays told The Wrap, she went with Cosby to his hotel room after he agreed to give her an interview, where Cosby prepared her a drink with his back to her.

Mays’ remembers waking up dazed and confused with her clothes partially undressed. Mays recounted how her belt had been left loose around her hips and she quickly left after having composed herself. Once in the lobby Mays realized she had survived a run into a madman who hides demons behind his alluring personality. 


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