Grey’s Anatomy Feels the Loss of Derek Shepherd’s Life in its Latest Episode

The tissue papers must have gotten all soggy and drenched with tears as Derek Shepherd’s death got announced on Grey’s Anatomy. Derek, whose character is played by Patrick Dempsey, got hit by a car and died in the hospital later on. It was a tragic demise. 

While all the rest of his colleagues in the hospital mourned his loss in their own particular manner, Meredith Grey simply fled the scene. For months on end, Meredith was nowhere to be found and while the other acquaintances of Derek moved on from the process of offering condolences, she was still stuck in that phase of tearful grief. No one could offer her solace. 

We’ve been so through much with Dr. Bailey these past #10YearsOfGreys. Remember the very first time we met her?

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As her husband was no more, she faced an existential void that refused to go away. Two of his colleagues got conscripted into the armed forces while another one simply went crazy. One of them took to the streets to pursue Meredith while another kept the feelings bottled up inside till he simply burst with the excess nervous energy. 

Meredith’s moods got shown via her past life in a series of flashbacks. Her mom had faced similar issues with her husband. In Meredith’s case, when she announced Derek’s death three times in front of the hospital staff, she just fell to the floor and became unconscious. Meredith is all alone after Derek’s funeral and she relives the scene in her mind of her mother contemplating killing herself.  

Meredith Grey is anything but ordinary, and that’s why we love her. What’s next for her? You have to watch Thursday’s #GreysAnatomy to find out!

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That is when she decides she has to get out of this place if she is to survive. Alex meanwhile begins the whole rescue party efforts in order to find Meredith. He is more concerned for her than for what happened to her husband. Callie tried to act all stoic in the beginning. Later on though she breaks down in uncontrollable paroxysms of weeping. 

Meredith has always dealt with the tough issues head on.Find out what’s next for her on #GreysAnatomy tomorrow.

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Arizona displayed her sense of loss alongside some dramatic anger management issues. She started to harangue someone on the team of surgeons for an offhand remark made in ignorance. As for Owen and Amelia, they convey the news of Derek’s death to each other. And while he is warm in matters having to do with his choice of words, she reacts quite coldly. Amelia even takes to rationalizations and wisecracks to cope with the sudden loss. 

Meredith though is in this for the long haul. She escapes into her own world for good. Finally, after a lot of soul-searching, she makes it back although with some difficulty. In the last scene, she is shown putting on her surgical gloves and getting ready to perform an operation.     

It was one of the most shocking moments in television history. Tonight don’t miss an unforgettable 2-hour #GreysAnatomy to find out what’s next for Meredith and the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial.

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Owen delivers the devastating news of Derek’s death to Amelia. How will she react? Watch a preview of this week’s #GreysAnatomy now.

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