Anna Kendrick pulls all out on John Krasinski on Lip Sync Battle: Watch

For the latest episode of the mouthing phenomenon, Lip Sync Battle; Office’s John Krasinski and Anna Kendrick took the stage. Anna can sing, there is no doubt about it. She has featured in two Pitch Perfect movies and even performed on the Oscars stage.

She sings live there, this was another domain. It was all about lip syncing the songs and it is completely based on performance. Let’s admit that she was paralleled by John on that front. 

John is a comedian, actor, director, writer and a self-proclaimed lip sync champ. So as soon as the show started Anna took a very humble stance while John came in like he owned it from the start so he performed first. He said that Jimmy Fallon said that he was a great friend of Justin Timberlake but he couldn’t top John singing “Bye Bye Bye” by N’Sync; Justin Timberlake’s former band.

He started the performance with puppet/hip dance moves and ended with popping. LL Cool J, the host was laughing out of his chair while Anna laughed too. He ended by putting his elbow on Anna’s head. Anna came on seemingly looking scared. 

She started performing “Steal My Girl” by One Direction saying that it was a performance very close to her heart. It was a good performance until Anna reached the chorus, the screen popped into an array of Emily Blunt’s pictures. Emily is John’s girlfriend and it was a great laugh for everyone. Anna opened her sky blue jacket and revealed that her shirt underneath with a picture of her with Emily in a heart.

John was laughing and said that his heart was broken. Anna mocked him saying Emily was supposed to be there for her. Chrissy Tegan praised their performances and said John had delivered on being Justin Timberlake.

They prepped then for the next performance and John ‘put his rep on the line’ for this one. He performed  Tina Turner’s 1970 classic cover of “Proud Mary,” after a very humbling start, the music kicked up and John yanked off his suit to reveal a silver fringe dress underneath, something Tina would have worn.

He apologized to America on his Twitter page saying it had to happen. Everyone went hysterical as he burst out into classic Tina moves. Anna looked devastated probably thinking how she was gonna top that. 

So Anna came on stage to perform JLo and Iggy Azalea’s “Booty”. The performance looked amazing and just at the end of it, there was a special appearance by JLo herself. John fell off his seat saying “What is happening?”

So true because Anna dominated the show with JLo’s appearance who didn’t perform but her appearance got Anna the show.

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