Khloe Kardashian and Malika Haqq at odds over French Montana

In a promo clip for the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to be aired on Sunday 12 April, French Montana confronts Malika Haqq about her involvement in his break up with Khloe which leads to a rift between the two best friends. 

In the clip we see Montana telling Malika he has a heart and he has no idea what he did to her but Malika has been giving out a negative vibe to him lately. Montana said due to Malika’s negativity Khloe starts to feel the same way.

Malika did not appear to be thrilled about the awkward talk and told Montana to keep his and Khloe’s business in between them both. Malika then went on to explain to Khloe how Montana was saying the reason he is not together with Khloe right now is her.

However Malika added a little bitter advice in the conversation to Khloe and told her not to hang out with someone you break up with… Khloe was not amused with the comment.

Khloe shared her feelings by stating she believes Malika’s attitude is crazy and Malika cannot ask her to completely cut Montana out of her life, it’s just not Khloe’s style people!

In another clip we see a probable catfight brewing between the best friends when Malika tries to justify her position to Khloe but Khloe doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.

Malika asks Khloe to get over the current ‘Awkward’ phase in their friendship due to French Montana but Khloe keeps a passive face throughout the conversation. 

Malika also explained her views in the KUWTS interview saying it’s difficult for her to watch her best friend become involved in unreliable relationships and she has become protective of Khloe and means only the beat for her gal pal. 

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