Full House Reunion coming to Netflix

It is reportedly titled Fuller House and it is the reboot version to Full House which features John Stamos and the cute little Olsen Twins (way back then that is since they are grown up young adults by now). 

It seems that the golden oldies from the 80s are being reborn at the rate of a 100mph. Netflix wants to entertain its audiences and so it has almost sealed the deal for the purchase of a 13 series package of Fuller House. 

Sources told TVLine that Netflix is almost ready to order a 13-episode Fuller House reboot series. Candace will reportedly be DJ in it and Andrea Barber will be her best friend Kimmy. 

As for John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, the usual gang of idiots are slated to make appearances. Full House’s original creator Jeff Franklin is said to be the exec-producer of the new reunion series along with Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett/

Although the whole matter is being kept hushed up and under wraps, the rumors just won’t stop…meaning that something is going on. The deal might get sealed any moment. 

Till then all the fans of the Olsen Sisters can do is keep their fingers crossed. The thing is that nostalgia for the days of the past is rife in the 80s generation that was brought up on Pepsi, Atari and the Beach Boys singing Kokomo. 

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