The Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead will premiere this Summer

The spinoff ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is a prequel to the ‘The Walking Dead’ series and set in Los Angeles. The trailer is shot in the form of news broadcast as a voiceover announces there is a flu virus going around in Los Angeles and if you haven’t you need to go get you flu shots right now.

The scene shows populated scenes of L.A. and then the scene cuts to a man walking slowly and apparently going through the first steps of turning into a zombie, in what looks like a tunnel.

The series will explore the creepy origins of the scary zombie flu, how it spread and the gradual effect of the pandemic. The first season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will consist of only 6 episodes and will star Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis. The trailer for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ premiered by AMC at the end of the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’. 

The prequel has apparently impressed the studio so much the producers green lit the second season even before the first season has even premiered. The second season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will premiere in 2016 and if the first season is even a little bit as good as the mother series ‘the Walking Dead’ then it may prove to be a treat for fans of the series. 

Robert Kirkman one of the executive producers on the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ expressed his happiness by stating they are feeling very empowered by the commitment for the two season order and it shows how much faith the network has in their work.

Kirkman further stated he takes the two season order as a sign his team has created an original concept, while expanding the world of their zombie apocalypse saga. The opportunity will allow them to tell more about the story of ‘The Walking Dead’ and fans will also be surprised to know they have only seen the surface of the depths of the story. 

When Kim Dickens from the House of Cards joined the cast of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ she was told not to see the original series ‘The Walking Dead’ because the series will an entirely new and different take on the world of zombies. Besides the producers believed it would be better if Dickens didn’t know what the zombie apocalypse will be like as it is the entire point of the prequel. 

Even the filming style of the prequel ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ will be different from the original series. Watch below the first teaser trailer of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’.

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