Mila Kunis tells James Corden about her Sex Life with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis shared details about her personal life during the screening of the premier episode of CBS’s The Late Late show with James Corden. Mila was joined in the show by fellow guest Tom Hanks. When Mila was asked about how her life has changed since giving birth to her 5 month old daughter Wyatt, Mila replied she loves it. Mila further stated she loves being pregnant and being a mom. 

Corden then shifted his question to the relationship between Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher and asked whether the couple still go on dates after the arrival of their daughter. Mila gave another affirmative when she related the couple still goes on a date one night per week.

Apparently Mila’s parents live down the street and they help baby monitoring when Wyatt is sleeping. Mila shared the couple make the effort to stay connected and talk with each other about topics other than their baby. 

Corden seemed unconvinced regarding the revelation to which Mila replied it’s not easy but the couple tries their hardest to connect for one hour. Corden then asked if the couple even talk about their daughter while they are intimate. Mila replied she might be thinking it but does not say it out loud. Corden further asked if Mila will ever have more children to which she replied for sure. 

The show got even more interesting when Corden asked if Ashton is a good father to which Mila replied amazing, but Tom Hanks asked the most awaited question, if Ashton is her husband in a funny accent. Mila replied with a yes in the same funny tone but Corden took the opportunity and bombarded Mila with questions about her marital status.

When Mila did not give a more elaborate reply than a simple maybe and don’t know, Corden took the hard road and straight out asked her are you or are you not married there is no maybe.

When Mila replied with another ‘Maybe’ Corden declared he considers it a Yes. In another master stroke Tom lifted up Mila’s hand which had a wedding band on it, at which point Corden seemed ecstatic and exclaimed to the audience Mr. & Mrs. Kutcher.

Tom Hank’s gave another gem during the talk show when he looked at the camera and mouthed the words; Hey Internet, You Idiot! The social media platform loved Tom’s words and his meme’s have since gone viral. 

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