Lady Gaga joins while Jessica Lange leaves American Horror Story

Jessica Lange has been there, done that and now she is ready to move on. Her roles in the four characters on the American Horror Story are something she has had up till here with. She now plans on starting off in new directions which will lend fresh vistas to her view. Lange confirmed her departure from American Horror Story at the PaleyFest in LA.

It is a little sad but then that is the way it goes and her fans will have to put up with her withdrawal from the horror genre. But although Lange is gone with the wind, Lady Gaga will have another star joining her shortly on the American Horror Story.

Matt Bomer will be showing his face in Hotel. Matt meanwhile was taciturn and didn’t let on whether or not he will be involved in an intimate manner with Lady Gaga. Although all further spoilers have had a kibosh put on them, a hotel in real life will probably be used as a permanent prop and fixture in the movie. 

Jessica Lange expressed her satisfaction with the magical moments she has had as a part of the cast of American Horror Story. But she also spoke of how she had reached supersaturation and that the same old story, same old song and dance had to be changed for the better.

She didn’t want to be a typecast actress. And although such news is anathema to her fans, it’s her life and she can damn well do as she pleases since she is a full-fledged responsible adult. Lange said that the sheer madness and constant pressure of shooting the scenes for the series had really gotten to her. She needed a break badly.

In the final analysis, she said that she was done with the whole shebang. She had played many roles on the show. Among them may be included: a lady from the confederate states, a nun with a sharp tongue, a magic-monger mama and a carnival headmistress.

She played them with alacrity and attitude. There were so many other stars and starlets who acted in synch with Jessica Lange as her costars on the show. The chemistry between them all was that of one large happy family.

But of course there were flashes in the pan and serious creative differences emerged time after time. But on the whole the show was a success and will hopefully continue being a smashing hit among audiences everywhere. 

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