Amy Schumer given the Green Light Signal by Comedy Central

Comedy Central has yet started a third season of Inside Amy Schumer. The actress will be appearing in it and entertaining audiences by her hilarious performance. Review is also to enter its second season. 

Finally, TripTank is due to come into its own too. With these three shows, Comedy Central will be raising the excite-o-meter for the audience of rabid fans of funny and laugh-inducing skits. 

According to TVGuide, “Comedy Central also placed two new series orders, both with a female bent. Another Period will star Natasha Leggero (Chelsea Lately) and Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel & Oates) as a pair of rich girls with nothing but time on their hands in the year 1902. Idiotsitter, based on the Comedy Central web series, stars Charlotte Newhouseas a woman who is hired to tend to a grown-up “woman-child” (Workaholics’ Jillian Bell) who is under house arrest in her father’s mansion.”

As for Amy Schumer, she has been nominated as the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Amy appears in Inside Amy Schumer in many roles that are small and variegated. 

According to The Wire, “Amy Schumer, the star of her own sketch show titled Inside Amy Schumer, has been submitted…as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy.”

What this means is that she doesn’t have a central part in the show which bears her name. Another Period has Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome as two very wealthy female friends who have some extra leisure time to do what they like. 

The lineup of shows, that Comedy Central has in store for its viewership, are truly a sight to see and a delight to listen to. They pique the imagination and create curiosity and interest among the onlookers who just cannot take their eyes off their television screens. 

Another show that is there to make the audience go nuts is Idiotsitter. What is unique about all these entertaining programs on Comedy Central is that they present the same tried and tested jokes that the rest of the world’s comedy is based upon but with a range of devastating deconstructions that lend them a novel twist. 

The topics that are grist for the mill simply create so much matter that makes people laugh and guffaw with hysterics that there seems no end to them. 

Comedy Central has honored Amy Schumer and she herself knows that her services are well-appreciated by the channel. They will go on to sate the appetite of the fun-starved people of the world. 

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