TVS Classic Sports Network to Launch June 1

TVS Global Media to package its 10,000 classic television sports catalog and provide a 24/7 channel for LPTV stations and Broadcast TV subcarriers. TVS, Mizlou, Katz, and other classic sports libraries will be included.

Mar 21 2014, 2:17am CDT | by

California City, CA, March 21, 2014 --( The TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial network in the USA, will package it's classic television library to LPTV stations and Broadcast TV carriers on a full time basis beginning June 1.

TVS was founded in 1961 and was the leading independent television network through the advent of the cable TV networks in the 1980's. TVS produced thousands of national television games including college basketball, college football bowl games, NASL soccer, USAC, NASCAR, Grand Prix, and Indy Car racing; IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, LPBT and PBA Regional Bowling, PGA and LPGA golf, boxing, roller derby, aarm wretling, and pro rodeo. All will be available on the TVS Classic Sports Network.

TVS also owns the TV sports libraries of Milo, Katz, SNI, TCS, Video Techniques, and TelePrompTer. All will be on the channel.

Local affiliates will receive six minutes each hour for local advertising sales.

TVS Global Media is located at 260 Madison Avenue in New York City.

The TVS owned Associated Artists Studios are located on 75 acres near California City. The TVS owned RKO / Unique / Boardwalk Record Company is located on 8560 W. Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

Contact Information:
TVS Global Media
Tom Ficara
760 223 6551
Contact via Email
Rodd Stowell, IWA Commissioner

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