The Voice Top 12 Performance Night Recap:

Nov 11 2013, 9:26pm CST | by TV Line

Prediction: Tuesday night’s installment of The Voice will be as painful as cardboard paper cut, as unpopular as the words “Paris Hilton’s pop-culture comeback” and as unwelcome as the “shot through some sorority chick’s ‘heart fingers’” camera angle employed during Matthew Schuler’s Top 12 performance of “Hallelujah.”

Believe it or not, I mean this in no way as an insult to NBC’s juggernaut singing competition. It’s just that, with not a single singer bellyflopping into the very deep talent pool Monday night,  the prospect of two impending eliminations seems somehow illegal, or at the very least heartbreaking.

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I know, I know…now I sound even more relentlessly cheerleader-y than our four coaches, who actually attempted a few mild criticisms tonight: Blake and Adam correctly noting that the studio audience has zero rhythm — not that it stops Mark Burnett & Co. from zooming in on their utterly distracting displays of SwayBotics — and Xtina calling out a few instances of obvious vocal difficulty.

So who is going to be/should be in jeopardy? Let me first weigh in with my letter grades for the night’s performances — and bear in mind that I’ll be back overnight to update this very URL with more detailed reviews of every contestant:

Caroline Pennell (Team Cee Lo): Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” — Grade: B+
Josh Logan (Team Xtina): Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” — Grade: C+
James Wolpert (Team Adam): The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” — Grade: B
Austin Jenckes (Team Blake): Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” — Grade: B-
Jacquie Lee (Team Xtina): Jack White’s “Love Is Blindness” — Grade: A
Ray Boudreaux (Team Blake): John Legend’s “All of Me” — Grade: B+
Kat Robichaud (Team Cee Lo): AWOLNATION’s “Sail” — Grade: A-
Jonny Gray (Team Cee Lo): Phil Collins’ “Another Day in Paradise” — Grade: B
Tessanne Chin (Team Adam): Emeli Sande’s “My Kind of Love” — Grade: B+
Matthew Schuler (Team Xtina): Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” — Grade: A-
Cole Vosbury (Team Blake): Miguel’s “Adorn” — Grade: A
Will Champlin (Team Adam): Imagine Dragons’ “Demons” — Grade: B+/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>

Should Be Bottom 3: Josh, Austin, Jonny (Josh & Austin going home)
Will Be Bottom 3: Josh, Ray, Tessanne (Josh & Ray going home)/>

And while I go work on updating the recap with full reviews, let me turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 12 performance night? Who were your faves? Who surprised you? Who will and should be at risk? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

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