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Bridget Regan Steels Herself for White Collar Romance: 'It Is Not a Difficult Job to Have'
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Bridget Regan Steels Herself for White Collar Romance: 'It Is Not a Difficult Job to Have'

Oct 31 2013, 8:52am CDT | by TV Line

Bridget Regan finds herself in familiar territory. Almost exactly a year to the day that she was cast on Beauty and the Beast as a spoiler to the then-blossoming Vincent/Cat romance, she makes her...

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Bridget Regan Steels Herself for White Collar Romance: 'It Is Not a Difficult Job to Have'

Oct 31 2013, 8:52am CDT | by TV Line

Bridget Regan finds herself in familiar territory.

Almost exactly a year to the day that she was cast on Beauty and the Beast as a spoiler to the then-blossoming Vincent/Cat romance, she makes her White Collar debut as a romantic interest for TV’s most eligible bachelor, Neal Caffrey — thus following in the estimable footsteps of Hilarie Burton and Gloria Votsis.

“I knowwww…. I know,” the Legend of the Seeker alum sighs of her “unlucky” lot in TV life. “What am I in for?! That’s the big question.” In truth, though, she quickly notes that what she is in for is “a joy, I will tell you that. It’s been a joy.”

VIDEO | White Collar Preview: Can Neal Get Bookish Bridget Regan to ‘Open Up’?

Tonight at 9/8c on the USA Network drama, Regan begins a 10-episode arc as Rebecca Lowe, “a rare books scholar — a bit of an intellectual,” she tells TVLine. And her bookish beauty crosses paths with Neal as he prepares to steal, under orders from Hagen (Mark Sheppard), a book called The Codex.

“He comes in sort of casing the joint, so to speak, and I am there — and sparks fly,” Regan reports.

But seeing as Neal does not meet Rebecca under the guise of a do-good FBI consultant, “She’s a little wary of him, and you’ll see throughout the course of the episode what he does that compromises her job at the museum,” Regan previews. “He’s not completely honest when they first encounter one another.”

But when the guy preying on your profession looks like Matt Bomer and acts like Neal Caffrey, transgressions are amazingly forgiven. “She’s really taken by his smooth charm — as one would easily be!” says the actress. “He is probably the most charming creature I have ever come across, so it was not a difficult job to have.”

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Yet aside from having red hair, Rebecca, Bomer himself has noted, is not your typical Neal Caffrey conquest. “She’s a little more on the introverted side, at first glance,” Regan allows. “She’s not an over-the-top sexy woman, but she has her feminine wiles.”

Though Neal meets Rebecca under “professional” circumstances, things will quickly enough become personal for the pair. “Conveniently or not so conveniently, he starts to have feelings for her, and vice versa. And throughout the course of the season it really does develop in a charming way,” Regan effuses. Of being the latest lady to steal the thief’s heart, she shares, “It was made very clear to me that Neal Caffrey’s weakness is women, and I just adored that, being his Achilles heel. I love how the writers and Matt play that.”

VIDEO | White Collar‘s Mozzie Hits Open Mic Night to Recap Seasons 1-4

Of course, with any Neal Caffrey coupling, drama must be had, but Regan can only tease from where it will stem for him and Rebecca.

“You’re going to have to wait for it, because it does take its time, which is one of the most delicious things about this season,” she teases. “It’s an exciting journey, this corner than Neal is backed into with Hagen. It starts as a season about that, and then it really turns into something so much more.”

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