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The Tomorrow People Reveals Jedikiah's 'Original Sin' With John, Serves Up a Killer Jason Dohring
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The Tomorrow People Reveals Jedikiah's 'Original Sin' With John, Serves Up a Killer Jason Dohring

Oct 30 2013, 9:54am CDT | by TV Line

It’s a dark, dangerous trip down memory lane on tonight’s The Tomorrow People (The CW, 9/8c) as John’s history with ex-boss Jedikiah is exposed for all its messed-up glory. But the kind of animosity...

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The Tomorrow People Reveals Jedikiah's 'Original Sin' With John, Serves Up a Killer Jason Dohring

Oct 30 2013, 9:54am CDT | by TV Line

It’s a dark, dangerous trip down memory lane on tonight’s The Tomorrow People (The CW, 9/8c) as John’s history with ex-boss Jedikiah is exposed for all its messed-up glory.

But the kind of animosity that those two share doesn’t just come out of nowhere. “In order to be mortal enemies, you have to have loved somebody and been loved by them before you can inevitably hate them in the way that John and Jedikiah hate each other,” executive producer Phil Klemmer previews. “And yet, [they] need each other a very dysfunctional but poignant way.”

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Flashbacks to John’s troubled foster home will reveal just how that twisted bond formed. “There are heartbreaking scenes of Jedikiah meeting [John] for the first time,” reveals the EP. “Believe it or not, you love Jedikiah. You’re like, ‘This man is this boy’s savior.’”

Unfortunately, once John is in the midst of his training, his “savior” becomes something much darker.

“One of the things we’ll be exploring is the time John worked at Ultra and was one of Jedikiah’s agents, when he was effectively one of the bad guys and drinking the Kool-Aid, listening to everything Jedikiah taught him and told him to do,” says Klemmer. “Eventually, we’ll get at the original sin – what Jedikiah did that ruptured the relationship. That informs the mythology and Stephen’s story in an incredible way.”

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Part of that betrayal involves guest star Jason Dohring‘s Killian McCrane, one of Ultra’s most wanted agents.

“He’s the dark version of John,” describes Dohring. “They grew up together. In a way, they’re both children of Jedikiah. He saved us when we were kids, raised us and then started changing us. They’ve gone separate ways in dealing with it.”

While John went underground and “doesn’t want anything to do with humans,” Killian takes a more lethal approach to the inferior species: “I just want to kill them,” Dohring reveals of his murderous alter ego.

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Yes, Killian is something of an anomaly, a Tomorrow Person who can kill, and he blames Jedikiah’s golden child for his behavior. “John got the better end of the deal at Ultra,” explains Dohring. “He was treated with a little more favor than Killian was. Killian resents him for that. It further justifies him to do what he wants because John always got the good treatment.”

Although his deeds are pretty horrible, Dohring doesn’t see Killian as the most evil of the characters he’s played – his serial killer on Lie to Me, who was “pretty bad,” takes that honor – and points out that in “the relationship with John, at least he’s trying to hold on to something. He’s trying to revert to some kind of goodness. But there’s too much abuse early on and he can’t cope with all that.”

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