Chris Noth: 'Storm Clouds Are in the Horizon' for "The Good Wife" Character

Oct 25 2013, 8:47am CDT | by ABC News Radio

Chris Noth: 'Storm Clouds Are in the Horizon' for "The Good Wife" Character
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Giovanni Rufino/CBS(NEW YORK) -- In recent onscreen roles, Chris Noth always seems to play the bad guy, and with his portrayal of disgraced politician-turned-governor-elect Peter Florrick on The Good Wife, his latest role is no different.

Noth tells ABC News Radio what viewers can expect from season five of the hit CBS drama.

"It's about a guy who's about to become governor and whether some of the demons of his past will come up to bite him," the 58-year-old actor says. "My feeling is storm clouds are in the horizon.  I just don't know what those are and what they mean.  And I'm hoping he'll make governor because I think it'll be really fun.  I mean, the inauguration hasn't happened yet. Let's just put it that way."

Noth loves that his character is now steps away from the governor's mansion -- a move, he says, he didn't expect when he first signed on to The Good Wife in 2009.

"I enjoy that political world. I like to read about politics and study the history of politics. So any little morsel that we can get in there that has the true bite of what the political world is like is interesting to me," Noth gushes.

And although Noth has had a recurring role on The Good Wife for four years, to many Sex and the City fans, he will always be "Mr. Big," his memorable character on the hit HBO series and subsequent films.

Noth, who says he can't understand why fans still hold on to Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend-turned-husband, adds that he'd be agreeable to do a third film.

"I like to do good writing and I don't have any expectations of what it would be or what it would mean.  But good writing is good writing and [executive producer] Michael Patrick King is wonderful at satire and humor," he continues.

If he does sign on, Noth already has suggestions on how to improve on the disappointing film sequel, Sex and the City 2, which premiered in 2010 and saw the four main ladies -- Sarah Jessica Parker's Bradshaw, Kim Cattrall's Samantha Jones, Kristin Davis' Charlotte York and Cynthia Nixon's Miranda Hobbes -- trekking to Abu Dhabi for business and pleasure.

"The problem with the second movie I think might have been that they left New York City.  New York City is kind of a must environment for that show in a way," Noth explains.

The Big Apple is also one of the reasons why Noth has teamed up with Beaulieu Vineyard for the second year to raise awareness of hunger in America and help bring hunger relief domestically.

He tells ABC News Radio, "If you live in New York, in a city that celebrates food the way we do here...,you tend to forget that there are 17 million children living in this country that don't have access to food and that 1 in 6 adults are food-deprived."

Noth is encouraging people to text "Give" to 79008, which will prompt BV to donate $1 -- up to $50,000 -- to to aid in hunger relief.

You can watch Noth on The Good Wife Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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