Awkward Preview: Heartache Brings Out 'Angry' Matty — Plus: Is Sadie His Rebound Lady?

Oct 21 2013, 7:38pm CDT | by TV Line

Awkward Preview: Heartache Brings Out 'Angry' Matty — Plus: Is Sadie His Rebound Lady?
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Jenna Hamilton, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

When Awkward returns this Tuesday (MTV, 10:30/9:30c), the emotionally conflicted teen will try to put some distance between herself and her temptation: classmate Collin. But her efforts fail, destroying her relationship with Matty in the process.

Below, star Beau Mirchoff previews the aftermath of the romantic catastrophe and the possible rebound that could mend his broken heart. Plus, cast members Molly Tarlov and Jillian Rose Reed offer up the latest on their characters’ own love lives.

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HEARTACHE CENTRAL | “I don’t know what the future of Matty and Jenna is, but it doesn’t look good,” says Mirchoff — and with good reason. As the preview trailer reveals, the good-guy boyfriend – and pretty much everyone else – will find out that Jenna locked lips with Collin. “At first, he’s angry,” says the actor. “He wants to fight Collin. But then he realizes that Collin is not really at fault. Jenna’s at fault here.” So while he initially may want “to rectify the situation” because he thinks his girlfriend only made a mistake, he’ll have to face the reality that “maybe she’s doesn’t love Matty. Maybe she’s realizing that she’s moving on, she’s evolving, she’s going in a different direction than Matty now.”

But is there any hope for the couple? Mirchoff admits, “For Matty to just take her back, it’s kind of sad. For him to take Jenna back, she’d have to change. She’d have to really own up to what she did, and I don’t know if I see that happening right away. Maybe that’ll happen in a little while when she’s down in the gutter. For the time being, I think she’s beat-down, but maybe OK with what’s happening.”

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JUST FRIENDS? | Matty will find support from a close pal while going through his difficult break-up. “I have a lot of fun stuff with Matty,” previews Tarlov, who plays mean girl Sadie. “As Jenna’s going off the wagon, he needs a friend, and he’s the only person that Sadie actually cares about.” Could this platonic relationship turn into something more? “She actually dropped that crush at the beginning of Season 2,” Tarlov points out. “But I don’t know. I think there’s potential. They really have a good foundation there.” Teases Mirchoff: “Oh, there could be romance. I will say that they’re alone in [the] bedroom a couple times. I don’t know what happens with these teenagers and hormones.” Sadie, however, may already be taken. “I’m excited about her relationship with Austin,” says Tarlov. “He’s going to come back a lot more.”

TAMARA TAKES THE WORLD | Jenna’s behavior “affects the whole group, but Tamara being her best friend, it affects her a lot,” explains Reed. “A lot of turmoil there. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride these last 10 episodes.” Meanwhile, the fast-talking high schooler will have her plate full with her own romance – “There’s a lot of fun relationship stuff for Tamara and Jake. They’re still trying to figure out how to be teenagers in love,” she says – and trying to climb the social ladder. “I would love to say that she’s going to go up, but we all know who’s at the top, and that’s Sadie,” Reed says with a laugh. “I don’t think Sadie will ever let Tamara get there.”

CHANGING VIEWS | Someone other than Jenna will pipe up this season. “If you ever wanted to hear the narration of the show done by another character, then we have an episode where it follows the voiceover of different characters,” previews Mirchoff.

PRETTY IN DRAMA | It wouldn’t be high school without an emotionally fraught dance. “We might meet a new character, and there might be some stuff going down at winter formal,” teases Tarlov.

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