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The Walking Dead Recap: Pigging Out
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The Walking Dead Recap: Pigging Out

Oct 20 2013, 9:42pm CDT | by TV Line

In the wake of Patrick’s demise and reanimation last week, The Walking Dead serves up a full-on zombie smorgasbord in “Infected.” But that isn’t the part of the episode that’s likely to reduce you to...

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The Walking Dead Recap: Pigging Out

Oct 20 2013, 9:42pm CDT | by TV Line

In the wake of Patrick’s demise and reanimation last week, The Walking Dead serves up a full-on zombie smorgasbord in “Infected.” But that isn’t the part of the episode that’s likely to reduce you to tears. What is? Read on. We’ll discuss…

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LOVE BITES | Early on in the hour, we get a coupla cute scenes, one in which Tyreese serenades Karen with “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and one in which Glenn wakes Maggie and promises, “I’ll bring you breakfast after perimeter check.” (Ah, post-zombpocalyptic romance!) Of course, such sweetness is worrisome since, on this show, sweetness is almost always followed by death — or worse! (Maybe it’s for the best that Daryl and Carol aren’t the mushy type!)

CELLBLOCK TANGO | Over the course of Patrick’s first and last night as a walker, a half a dozen (give or take) other jailhouse denizens are turned. So when all hell breaks loose in the morning… well, it’s a whole lotta hell! Before the situation is brought under control, a few extras are killed, Rick has had to put down his farmer’s hoe and start beaning walkers again, and Carl has defied his father’s wishes and fired a gun (albeit with an exellent excuse: to save Michonne).

MODERN FAMILY | As the dust settles, Carol summons young Lizzie and Mika (Mica? Micah?) to say goodbye to their bitten and soon-to-be-zombified father. Lizzie thinks she should be the one to put a knife through Dad’s brain, but when push comes to shoving in the blade, she can’t do it. (Sniffle.) Later, Carol — now the orphans’ surrogate mother — lectures Lizzie that being weak will get her killed. But “she’s not weak,” Mika (Mica? Micah?) insists. “She’s messed up.” (We already know Lizzie thinks of one of the walkers — Nick — as her pet. But is she so messed up that she’s the unseen individual who’s been feeding rats to the walkers at night and possibly creating the growing problem of walker clustering at the fence?)

THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD… FENCE | Speaking of that clustering problem, it eventually becomes so bad that, to save his vegetable garden from being overrun with walkers, Rick is forced to sacrifice the pigs to the horde. (This only reinforces what Daryl notes earlier on: Though Rick may be down on his ability to lead, “when the s— hits, [he’s] there with the shovel.”) Between all this — and the bird and/or swine flu going ’round that’s killing/turning people like Patrick — Rick decides to keep the secret (which Carl blabs) that Carol is teaching the kids self-defense. He even straps on his sheriff’s belt again and, whether Carl’s a budding sociopath, gives him back his gun.

BUMMERS ALL AROUND | Meanwhile, when Michonne hears Judith cry — and especially when she reluctantly holds the baby — we get the very strong impression that she had and/or had and lost a child. And remember how I noted that sweetness on this show is always followed by calamity? Glenn and Maggie dodge a bullet this time, as it’s ailing Karen who croaks — which Tyreese discovers in the worst way imaginable: by showing up at her cell with flowers, only to follow a trail of blood to the spot where her and the alsoinfected David’s bodies have been incinerated!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to see Karen bumped off so quickly? Are you liking getting more Carol (even if more Carol/Daryl would be even better)? How sad was it when Rick’s brief hiatus from killing came to an end? Is Lizzie the one who’s been feeding the walkers? Or is that too obvious? Hit the comments!

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