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Revolution's Red Door, Dead Rats, Faltered Physics and More Burning Questions Answered
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Revolution's Red Door, Dead Rats, Faltered Physics and More Burning Questions Answered

Oct 9 2013, 9:50am CDT | by TV Line

NBC’s Revolution continues to plant provocative seeds for new mysteries as Season 2 explores who the characters are when apart versus banded together. With Episode 3 airing tonight at 8/7c, TVLine...

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27 weeks ago

Revolution's Red Door, Dead Rats, Faltered Physics and More Burning Questions Answered

Oct 9 2013, 9:50am CDT | by TV Line

NBC’s Revolution continues to plant provocative seeds for new mysteries as Season 2 explores who the characters are when apart versus banded together. With Episode 3 airing tonight at 8/7c, TVLine offers some insight into the latest questions raised by the post-apocalyptic drama.

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WHAT HAS MILES STUMBLED UPON THERE BEHIND THE RED DOOR? | Having epically botched what could have been his escape to freedom, Miles found himself the latest captive to be led behind the ominous Red Door at Titus’ compound. There, a sickly woman was hooked up to tubes and such. A warlord, “Titus has started this whole movement for a very selfish reason,” Billy Burke shares. “I can’t reveal what that reason is, but he’s using not only the people that he’s fighting against but the people within his own hordes, for this nefarious purpose.” Promises show boss Eric Kripke, “You’ll learn more about who Titus is, what he wants and what he’s been doing.”

WHAT KILLED ALLLLL THOSE RATS? | I mean, it takes a wealth of lifeless rodents to create such a crunching sound beneath Rachel and Aaron’s wagon. [Shudder.] Ruling out anything as simple as radiation, Kripke says, “It’s all part of the mystery of what happened with the nanotech, what happened in the tower and ‘How did our heroes in effect change the laws of physics?’ Fireflies are a part of it, rats are a part of it, and the vision that Aaron saw of Ben is a part of it.”

HOW FAR WILL NEVILLE GO? | Giancarlo Esposito attests that his character, having ingratiated himself with Secretary Allenford, will do whatever is necessary — even if some bow-chicka-wow-wow is required — to infiltrate the “Patriots.” “The plan is to go undercover, all the way to the top,” says the actor. “He’s on a mission now, because all he can think about is his beloved [wife] Julia and her skin melting off her bones. And he is hateful. He knows that a big organization was responsible [for launching the nukes], and he wants to avenge her death.” All told, he professes: “It is going to be a ride this season, my friend. Oh my goodness….”

HOLD UP, DID WE SEE SPARKS BETWEEN CHARLIE AND… | Monroe?! While shackled up in the emptied pool? If anyone did, it certainly wasnt of the writers’ doing. “I havent seen anything yet,” Tracy Spiridakos says when presented with that possible pairing. Instead, keep your eye on Charlie’s wannabe captor Adam, played by Gossip Girl‘s Patrick Heusinger. “He and Charlie have an ‘interesting’ connection,” the actress teases. “Whether it’s a good one or a bad one, you will have to wait and see. But it is pretty cool.”

WHEN, OH WHEN, WILL THE GANG REUNITE? | Might Revolution’s ratings struggle have as much to do with its splintered band of heroes — whom we got to know as a unit in Season 1 — as its new time slot? If that is at all the case, there is this hope: “When the enemy grows large enough, these groups will come together — and that’s soon,” Esposito tells us. “The realization of what has happened to our world that we once called America is going to be mind-blowing for many people, the notion that it may have all been calculated. So I have a feeling we’re all going to have to come together against a common enemy.”

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