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"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Bill Nye Gets the Boot
Photo Credit: ABC News Radio

"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Bill Nye Gets the Boot

Oct 1 2013, 4:20am CDT | by ABC News Radio

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) -- Bill Nye and pro partner Tyne Stecklein were eliminated on Monday night’s installment of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The “Science Guy” and Stecklein were...

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"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Bill Nye Gets the Boot

Oct 1 2013, 4:20am CDT | by ABC News Radio

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) -- Bill Nye and pro partner Tyne Stecklein were eliminated on Monday night’s installment of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

The “Science Guy” and Stecklein were eliminated after receiving the lowest combined total of judges’ scores and viewer votes.  Nye had gained a large fan base.  When his name was announced, there were several loud boos from the audience.

He had hoped to continue in the competition despite suffering a leg injury during his performance last week, but he took the decision in stride, and thanked his partner and his fans.

“Thanks for keeping me in this long,” he said.  “It’s been really cool.  It’s been a great experience.”

Before the eliminations were announced, the couples had to dance new routines, which will be a factor in who goes home next week.  Monday’s performances paid tribute to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

Here’s a rundown of the performances:

Leah Remini:
The actress’ rumba had judges commending her continued improvement on the dance floor.  Head judge Len Goodman said he loved the chemistry between Remini and her partner, Tony Dovolani, and said they were “terrific,” but noted the actress at times lacked fluidity in her arms.  Judge Bruno Tonioli said he liked to see people going outside of their comfort zones, but agreed that her arms needed more continuity of movement.  Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said she liked the way Remini moved her arms.  Total score: 24 out of a possible 30 points.

Corbin Bleu: The actor’s dizzying quickstep with partner Karina Smirnoff impressed Tonioli, who called it “one for the record books.”  He added: “Maintaining synchronicity at that speed is almost impossible and you did it...it was so impressive.”  Inaba said Corbin lost some of his form as the routine progressed, and Goodman was the least impressed.  “Well, for me, it was a bit hectic at times and speed came in and then style went out a little,” he said.  He went on to say he thought it was a “fabulous number.”  Total score: 26/30.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren: The actress’ elegant foxtrot with partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy earned her raves from the judges.  “Watching you dance is such a thrill.  You’ve taken your performance to new heights this week,” Inaba said, although she pointed out that the actress appeared to have gotten ahead of the music at one point in the routine.  Goodman called the routine “chicken soup to the eyes” for being delicious and satisfying, while Tonioli called Lauren “a brilliant dancer.”  Total score: 25/30.

Brant Daugherty: After a rough week -- he sprained a ligament, which limited his agility in practice, and then was robbed at gunpoint -- Daugherty rebounded with a peppy quickstep with partner Peta Murgratroyd that won him high praise.  Goodman acknowledged that it may have been painful for Daugherty to perform with the injury, but he said it was “painless to watch.”  Tonioli called Daugherty the “perfect matinee idol” who played the part so well, with elegance, style and a joyful spirit.  Inaba said Daugherty was a “fantastic dancer” with great musicality and lines.  Total score: 27/30.

Valerie Harper: The actress stumbled through much of her cha-cha, and the judges noticed, even as they praised her perseverance and her partner’s commitment.  “You went wrong so many times and you know, but it’s hard...you just did a lot of mistakes tonight but you look great,” Tonioli said.  Inaba said Harper lost her way “throughout the whole dance,” but added: “What I love the most, and what’s so spectacular about you is, when you shine you’re like ‘I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m not going to give up’...I love that!”  Goodman compared the routine to the bumps and discomfort of “flying coach on a cheap airline,” but he praised Harper’s partner, Tristan MacManus, for taking good care of Harper.  Total score: 16/30.

Bill Engvall: The comedian’s bold, intense paso doble with partner Emma Slater -- a dance tribute to the Lone Ranger -- earned the couple a rousing standing ovation, as well as enthusiastic approval from the judges.  “Bill Engvall, you nailed the paso!” Inaba said.  Goodman said the comedian came out “all guns blazing,” and called the performance his best dance.  Tonioli commended Engvall’s attack.  Total score: 24/30.

Amber Riley: The actress’ stylish, high-energy Charleston with partner Derek Hough brought the audience to its feet, but the judges found flaws.  Tonioli commended Riley for her ability to create “rip-roaring excitement in the room” but he said her footwork needed to be sharper.  Inaba agreed, saying that while the actress’ upper body was good, the movements of her bottom half needed improvement during the routine.  Total score: 24/30.

Jack Osbourne: Judges praised the TV personality’s drive during his cha cha cha with partner Cheryl Burke but they told him he needed to pay greater attention to the movement of his hips.  “It was good but...not your best at all,” Inaba said.  Tonioli said the routine was ambitious and Osbourne kept the time throughout the performance, and Goodman praised Osbourne’s commitment.  Total score: 22/30.

Christina Milian: The singer’s comedic Charleston with partner Mark Ballas found favor both with judges and with the audience.  Inaba told the singer: “You just have this incredible, dynamic range of emotion when you dance.  You really bring the characters to life.”  Goodman said the routine was “top notch,” but he said he would have liked to see more Charleston content, and Tonioli said “all the stylistic details of the period were fantastic,” adding that Milian performed better than she ever had.  Total score: 26/30.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: The reality TV star got her wish for a higher score with a quickstep that Inaba described as an “incredible performance.”  Tonioli said he admired Polizzi’s commitment to hard work with her partner Sasha Farber and that hard work showed in her performance.  Goodman said he was surprised by Polizzi’s performance in her first ever ballroom style dance.  Her previous routines had been Latin dances.  Total score: 25/30.

Bill Nye: Because of a significant leg injury during his performance last week, there was some doubt as to whether “The Science Guy” would perform Monday but he went against his doctor’s advice and danced anyway.  Nye came out onto the dance floor in a leg immobilizer, complementing it with a sparkly helmet and chest plate to dance a jazzy routine to Daft Punk’s electronic pop hit, “Get Lucky.”  His futuristic routine consisted of lots of robotic hand movements, with minimal movement of his legs.  Goodman told Nye to perform with that type of injury “takes guts, it takes determination and bravery...”  While all three judges commended his courage, they had to score him based on his performance.  Total score: 16/30.

Dancing with the Stars returns next Monday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Source: ABC News Radio


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