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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details Behind Kanye West Feud
Photo Credit: ABC News Radio

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details Behind Kanye West Feud

Sep 27 2013, 4:10am CDT | by ABC News Radio

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- Twitter followers of both Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West were treated to some fireworks Thursday afternoon, after West started flaming Kimmel seemingly out of nowhere."...

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29 weeks ago

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details Behind Kanye West Feud

Sep 27 2013, 4:10am CDT | by ABC News Radio

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- Twitter followers of both Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West were treated to some fireworks Thursday afternoon, after West started flaming Kimmel seemingly out of nowhere.

"Apparently Kanye West is VERY VERY ANGRY with me," Kimmel tweeted, promising he'd fill his fans in on Thursday night's broadcast.

And unlike that "Twerk Fail" video he orchestrated, Kimmel insisted this time, he wasn't kidding.

On the show, Kimmel explained what apparently set the recording artist off was a spoof the talk show host did earlier in the week of a characteristically over-the-top interview West had given to BBC Radio 1 in which he touted his fame and his skill as a fashion designer and recording artist.

In the bit, Kimmel reenacted the interview, but used child actors to play the parts of West and the interviewer.

"We just had the kids say the stuff Kanye said.  Apparently this upset him," Kimmel said Thursday. 

"I don't understand it," the late night host laughed, "I thought the bit was pretty innocuous."  Kimmel then said proudly, "Finally, I'm in a rap feud!"

Kimmel detailed an angry call he got from West before things heated up on Twitter, telling his audience, "He said a lot of things...He told me I had two choices...Number one: apologize publicly -- and that was really the only choice.  The other choice he gave was that, 'Your life...is going to be much better if you apologize.'"

Kimmel then detailed some of the content of West's tweets, censoring out the more than occasional profanity.

"Jimmy Kimmel's out of line to try to spoof the only piece of honest media in years," Kimmel said, referring to West's proclamations during the BBC interview.

"Jimmy Kimmel, put yourself in my shoes: oh know that means you would have gotten too much good ...", Kimmel read, deleting a slang term for vagina.

Kimmel then countered with, "I've seen the video, I know," referencing the sex tape that made Kim Kardashian, the mother of West's baby girl North West, famous.

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