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Neil Patrick Harris Dishes About Upcoming Emmy Awards
Photo Credit: ABC News Radio

Neil Patrick Harris Dishes About Upcoming Emmy Awards

Sep 21 2013, 11:18am CDT | by ABC News Radio

Barry King/FilmMagic/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The cat’s out of the bag on Neil Patrick Harris’s secret weapon for hosting awards shows: Red Bull. The host of Sunday’s 65th Emmys sat down with...

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Neil Patrick Harris Dishes About Upcoming Emmy Awards

Sep 21 2013, 11:18am CDT | by ABC News Radio

Barry King/FilmMagic/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The cat’s out of the bag on Neil Patrick Harris’s secret weapon for hosting awards shows: Red Bull.

The host of Sunday’s 65th Emmys sat down with Entertainment Weekly to speak with fans on Friday on what to expect from this weekend’s show and how he’s preparing. One fan asked how he calms down before hitting the stage.

“I try to breathe, breath is good,” he joked. ”I tend to drink Red Bull, which is not calming at all, but it keeps the synapses firing super fast.”

One thing fans of the How I Met Your Mother star can expect from TV biggest night is a grand dance number.

“You’ll see me dance,” he said. “There’s a big choreographer’s number that we’re doing, where all of the nominated choreographers have been asked to join forces, come up with this big giant dance number that we’re doing live on the show. It has to involve TV and has to involve me in some way.”

So, big names like Mandy Moore and Derek Hough are among the choreographers that have put together some sweet moves for Harris to break out on Sunday.

So much so that he tweeted earlier this week that he’s ”been dancing my face off in rehearsals for the choreographer’s #.”

Harris mused on who would take home the Emmy for best dramatic actor. Even though he admits he’s “watching House of Cards right now [and] loving it,” he seemed to think Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad has a better shot to win the award as the show reaches its conclusion.

Reality TV like Survivor and Big Brother are the shows that take up most of Harris’s free time, so expect a few plugs or jokes during the show.

Finally, when asked to pick which co-star from HIMYM he would have share the Emmys stage with him as co-host, Harris picked Jason Segel.

“You never know what Jason’s going to come up with,” he said.

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