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Diana: Remembering the 'People's Princess' 16 Years After her Death
Photo Credit: ABC News Radio

Diana: Remembering the 'People's Princess' 16 Years After her Death

Aug 31 2013, 10:40am CDT | by ABC News Radio

Tim Graham/Getty Images(LONDON) -- She was known as the "people's princess." And now, 16 years after her fatal car crash, people are still fascinated by Princess Diana. That fascination is only...

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Diana: Remembering the 'People's Princess' 16 Years After her Death

Aug 31 2013, 10:40am CDT | by ABC News Radio

Tim Graham/Getty Images(LONDON) -- She was known as the "people's princess." And now, 16 years after her fatal car crash, people are still fascinated by Princess Diana.

That fascination is only growing as the royal family finds itself back in the spotlight welcoming a new generation.

On Aug. 31, 1997, Diana, her companion Dodi al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul were killed in car crash in Paris while trying to escape the paparazzi. Paul was later proven to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Earlier this month, conspiracy theories began to swirl again surrounding their deaths after British media reported allegations that Diana and al Fayed may have been murdered by British special forces.

Despite a $7 million joint French and British police investigation that concluded that Diana, al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul's deaths in 1997 were accidents, a report in The Mirror claims they were allegedly murdered and it was all covered up.

Scotland Yard said on Aug. 17 that British police were looking into new information that has surfaced in connection with the deaths of Diana and al Fayed, but police declined to say what that new information was.

In death, Diana has become an industry.

The new film entitled Diana is about the last two years of her life and her last loves, including a Pakistani heart surgeon.

The surgeon, Dr. Hasnat Khan has denounced the film, saying it just gossip, he had nothing to do with its making and says he won't see it.

"If however you choose not to get involved and criticize after the film has been made, then inevitably people question why you have chosen to break your dignified silence now. Since the effect is actually to sell more tickets and give the film free publicity," said Patrick Jephson, former private secretary to Princess Diana.

According to a press release from the film's producers, the story will show how finding true personal happiness for the first time, Diana was able to evolve into an international humanitarian. Actress Naomi Watts plays the role of Diana in the film.

The larger than life Princess has lived on in myth -- never really leaving the headlines.

Now her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton has taken up the mantle after she gave birth to a future king just weeks ago.

"Diana made her great contribution to royal upbringing of babies as a mother so it's intriguing to wonder whether she would have been a great granny as well. I think she'd have been right on the cutting edge trying to introduce new ideas; she saw that as her role in the royal family," said Royal biographer Robert Lacey.

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