Did Robin Thicke Blur Lines? Did Rookie's Sam Cross a Line? Will Liars Twist Stick? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother and Rookie Blue!

1 | While we clearly love Breaking Bad and Aaron Paul’s performance wrecked us, wasn’t Jesse just a bit lightning-quick to connect the lifting of his weed to the missing ricin cig and Brock’s poisoning (via Lily of the Valley)? And be honest: How long did it take you to realize Jesse’s epiphany was ricin-related?

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2 | Where do we begin with the latest Dexter? For starters, how in the world — after having only met him for seconds at a time — would Dex recognize Cassie’s boyfriend from that super high-tech, incredibly accurate age-progression software? And it seriously didn’t occur to Vogel until now that her presumed dead psycho son might be the Brain Surgeon? On a slightly more positive note, how fun was it to see Deb and Hannah laugh — over a meal! — about their poisonous past?

3 | Was Miley’s role in the “We Can’t Stop”/”Blurred Lines” medley the biggest affront of that MTV VMAs performance? Or is married man Robin Thicke more worthy of slings/arrows? Speaking of the show, what was the point of MTV seating dueling divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry next to one another if they weren’t going to enforce said seating chart?

4 | Showtime’s The Affair. Joshua Jackson. Cowboy. Have any three things ever gone together so perfectly?

5 | Which Monday-night A&E drama’s season-ending shooting shocked you more: The Glades‘ Jim or Longmire‘s Branch? (Actually, we now may know the answer. Sad face.)

6 | Do you believe Pretty Little Liars boss Oliver Goldstick’s assurances that Ezra Fitz really is (to some degree) the nefarious ‘A’? And can anyone explain why Ravenswood is so color-muted?

7 | Suits‘ kitty mock trail: Silly or strangely poignant?

8 | We know things haven’t been easy for Covert Affairs‘ Annie and Auggie, but didn’t their breakup scene feel like they just gave up?

9 | Is anyone clear on what exactly this week’s horrifying Catfish-er was trying to accomplish by luring in his straight, male Catfish-ee?

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10 | What was the best thing about Jasmine and Aaron’s So You Think You Can Dance duet: Her insane leg move or guest judge Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s bashfully cute admission that he had a crush on her partner?

11 | Several of us on staff have tried, honestly, but… what is the Royal Pains allure? Is this show almost too “blue sky” for USA Network?

12 | Did the Surviving Evil premiere have you on the edge of your seat, as Charisma Carpenter’s real-life horror story unspooled? Or was it go a bit slow? (Note: Other episodes will cover two stories/hour.) And did the girl playing Carpenter in the reenactment look even more like her than Lying Game daughter Alexandra Chando?

13 | Were you frankly surprised by how utterly unprepared Big Brother‘s Aaryn was to address her unseemly behavior/comments? She did know there were cameras and mics everywhere in the house, yes? Is some governing body in Texas in the process of disowning her, seeing as she partly blamed her sense of “funny” on the Lone Star State?

14 | Any other Rookie Blue fans taking major issue with Sam for asking Andy to jeopardize her career to save his girlfriend’s job?

15 | If Rob Thomas’ Les Misérables update pilot goes to series, which character would you most like to see Kristen Bell play? (We can dream a dream, can’t we?)

16 | Hey, Arrow: Why so serious sad?

17 | Is Jimmy Kimmel getting sexier or is everyone else just getting uglier?

18 | We’re nowhere near ready for this NCIS/’Tiva’ goodbye scene — are you?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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