Super Bowl Blackout: Top 12 Conspiracy Theories


Super Bowl XLVII came to a standstill Sunday when the lights went out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Here are the top conspiracy theories…

1. Sasha was so fierce she blew the power out!

2. In a smart crossover, Elementary‘s Sherlock Holmes will solve this mystery live. Here comes Jonny Lee Miller, getting dropped in via helicopter….

3. Hey, Kelly Rowland was warned not to plug her curling iron into that sketchy dressing room outlet.

4. NBC president Bob Greenblatt, dressed as a roving concession worker, pulled the plug to promote the midseason return of Revolution.

5. CBS boss Les Moonves went to pay the electric bill, but had maxed out his American Express black card paying for that Broke Girls “spectacular.”

6. The Ghost of Diana Ross’ Super Bowl weave strikes again!

7. Eric Taylor still miffed about being passed over for the 49ers’ coaching job two years ago. And Riggins owed him a favor.

8. The stadium electrician, who looked suspiciously like diehard Niners fan Jennifer Garner, wanted to stop the Ravens’ momentum.

9. A very poorly timed “viral” aspect to the Star Trek Into Darkness promotional campaign.

10. At least I never called any of the players fat!” –Lance Armstrong, being taken away in cuffs.

11. Uh-oh, Dan Marino’s wife just arrived.

12. The bright stadium lights were wreaking havoc on a nearby night shoot for the Treme finale. Melissa Leo “knows a guy.”

What do you think cause the lights to go out? Hit the comments!

Source: TV Line

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