Vampire Diaries Recap: Bad Romance, Bad Witch

A View to a Kill

On Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, Stefan schooled Rebekah on the ’80s, Bonnie showed off her badass magic mojo and Jeremy and Elena went after Kol. Along the way, several hearts got broken. Let’s revisit the episode’s highlights:

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HOW TO STOP AN ORIGINAL | In order to get her brother to kill Kol and grow his hunter’s mark, Elena lures the Original into a trap with the promise of a truce in the name of Silas. Jeremy’s forced to let Kol into their home as his sis tries to convince him she’ll stop looking for the cure if he leaves Jeremy alone. Besides, she explains, she doesn’t want the hell on Earth that will come with Silas’ rising any more than he does. The plan backfires, however, when Kol rejects her truce offer and attacks them. He stakes Elena to the wall while strapping Jer down on the kitchen island so he can chop of his arms! Elena’s able to get free eventually and save her brother and set Kol on fire, which even gets Klaus to shed some tears. He vows to kill them all. He planned to anyway after destroying the cure. Bonnie arrives just in time to basically turn Klaus into a mime act by trapping him in an invisible box in the Gilbert living room. It will buy them three or four days to find the cure, she explains. And bam! Hulk Jeremy rips his shirt because his growing hunter’s mark cannot be contained.

DANCE WITH ME | Stefan tries to sneak out of Rebekah’s bedroom the morning after their tryst. Vamp super speed helps, but he’s still caught in the act by Klaus. “Leaving so soon?” taunts the Original. After the ’80s decade dance is canceled, Stefan and Rebekah break into the school and he tells her about the wonders of the time period (The Cure! Bon Jovi! Say Anything!) and even teaches her The Breakfast Club slide. It’s all very sweet and cute, but unfortunately, he’s just trying to distract her while Matt searches her place for the dagger to kill Kol. In the end, Rebekah gives it up to Stefan – it was with her all along – because she wants to be human again and find someone to have kids with who will hold up a boom box for her. This is going to end badly for her, isn’t it?

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BONNIE DARKO | Remember how Shane said Bonnie was a ticking time bomb? Well, she’s going off. Her dad calls in her mom Abby for reinforcement and to clear the witch’s mind of the darkness he’s filled it with. “It’s expression, and I need it!” Bonnie exclaims. Spoken like a true addict. And isn’t it a little hypocritical that Bonnie defends the magic Shane has taught her and her ability to wield it, but then pretty much calls Shane a crazy who’s been locked up when her dad brings up the professor’s warning? And yes, Bonnie is proving herself to be instrumental and powerful, but at what cost? She almost killed her own mom!

RELATIONSHIP ADVICE | Klaus, forced to babysit Damon, starts poking around about how Elena has forgiven all his bad seeds. How is that possible? But what he really wants to know is how to get Caroline to forgive him, especially after he killed Carol Lockwood. Damon tells him he does bad things to be a dick. “Be bad with purpose,” he says. “Otherwise you’re not worth forgiving.” Later on, things get ugly between Damon and Stefan when the elder Salvatore lets it slip in front of Elena that his brother slept with Rebekah. Stefan pointedly suggests that his bro should use his sire bond to his advantage to calm Elena, and then the fists go flying.

And lastly, a few more standout lines:

– Damon says his brother “ripped out a page of my revenge sex handbook.” Can Revenge get one of those, too?

– Stefan on the Originals: “They may be dysfunctional, bickering lunatics, but they stick together.”

– Kol describing the threat of Silas: “That’s the problem with people today – they’ve lost faith, and in that loss, they no longer know who they should fear.”

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of this week’s episode? Was anyone else bummed that Stefan was just using Rebekah? Were you sad to see Kol go? And what do you suppose Caroline and Tyler are up to?

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