Adam Lanza Suffered From Asperger’s Syndrome — Cause Of Shooting?

Adam reportedly suffered from this mild form of autism which is known for causing difficulties with social interaction but it’s not known to cause violent behavior. Read on for the shocking new details on Adam’s mental state at the time of the shooting.

Many new clues on Adam Lanza‘s emotional issues are coming out and now a new report claims that the 20-year-old had Asperger’s syndrome. A law enforcement official who wanted to remain anonymous claims that Adam, who was reportedly burning himself with a lighter in the weeks leading up to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, did indeed suffer from this. Asperger’s is known to cause significant impacts on those who suffer from the syndrome. People who have Asperger’s are known to have problems with social interaction, a hard time enjoying achievements with others, issues with eye contact, posture, gestures and sometimes characterized as “social awkwardness.” We recently told you that Adam had been burning himself to try to be able to “feel something.” Richard Novia. the head of security at the Newtown school district remembers having to have extra supervision around Adam. “He was very withdrawn and meek,” Richard told the WSJ.

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