Lamar Odom Changes His Mind — May Continue Filming Reality Show

Lamar vowed to make Khloe happy and will do so as he’s reconsidering filming another season of ‘Khloe & Lamar’. Keep reading for all the exclusive details!

Lamar Odom knows that a happy wife equals a happy life! The NBA baller is thinking twice about not filming another season of Khloe & Lamar with wife Khloe Kardashian and thinks life as basketball player and reality TV star isn’t so bad, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting. “He don’t mind doing it at all, it just has to work in his favor and not be too much,” a source close to the couple tells Reports hit the web on December 17 claiming Lamar wants a larger share of custody of his two children, Destiny, 12 and Lamar Jr, 9, so that they can be part of the couple’s reality show.  We’ve exclusively learned that Lamar does in fact want to be with his children more because he wants to be great father, not for the purposes of exploiting them on television. “Now as far as this reality show goes, that’s secondary to him and that’s not the reason why he wants his kids around,” the source reveals. “Lamar is a good father.

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