Miley Cyrus’ Fiance Liam Hemsworth Involved In Violent Street Fight

Yikes! Liam has landed himself in hot water after he was seen hitting a man in the face during a street fight on Dec. 9. What will Miley think?

Liam Hemsworth has no history of being a violent person, but he showed a dark side when he got involved in a street brawl on Dec. 9. Liam is currently in Philadelphia filming his new movie Paranoia, and the fight occurred after he and a friend left a bar in the early hours of Sunday morning. Will this give Miley Cyrus cold feet for their upcoming wedding? Liam, 22, and his friend left the bar in the early hours of Dec. 9, and a scuffle broke out when he accused another patron of throwing a rock at him. The victim, known only as Rob, and Liam began fighting in the street and The Hunger Games actor appeared to have the upper hand. At one point, Rob was seen on the ground clinging to Liam’s leg, and Liam was seen punching him hard in the face, reports TMZ. Liam’s friend helped hold down the victim, until the police arrived and the crowd dispersed. No one was arrested, but afterwards the beat-up victim

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