Ryan Seacrest Rumored As Potential Matt Lauer Replacement

Matt Lauer’s days as the long-reigning host of Today may be numbered. Reports are suggesting that Ryan Seacrest is being considered as the new centerpiece of morning television.

The Today Show was #1 in the morning show ratings for 16 years straight, until this year. It was the titan of wake-up television. But when CBS’s attempts at climbing up in the ratings blew up in its face, leaving The Early Show’s loyal followers disgruntled and in search of a new network to get them out of bed, many switched to Good Morning America, not Today.

They all had their reasons for making the new choice. Back then, of course, when it came to morning TV you were either pro-Today or anti-Today. Thus, it would make sense that CBS’s defector crowd would not make the move to Today. NBC, however, saw this as a direct response to the recent decision to put Ann Curry in the co-host spot.

Matt Lauer is believed to have helped engineer the decision to kick Curry off the air and replace her with the much more obscure Savannah Guthrie, who has barely any fans to her name. The problem is that Lauer, and NBC, were looking at their back-room discussions as though they were still back in the 1980s. Everything is much more public and viral these days, and as a result, the perception of Lauer as an evil, conniving egotist grows with every day.

His departure from the show seems almost inevitable, with the only real question now being who will replace him. Could it be Seacrest? It seems very unlikely since he is just as polarizing. But the fact that these rumors are popping up adds fuel to the fire that Lauer should be really worried.

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