Johnny Depp Reprises Edward Scissorhands For First Time In 22 Years

If you weren’t paying close attention to last night’s episode of Family Guy, you might have missed it, but there was a special cameo from none other than Johnny Depp. Depp has become more famous than ever for his ability to tackle all sorts of different roles, so putting him behind the voice-over booth for a cartoon show might not seem that crazy, but the twist was that he was portraying a character he hasn’t done for more than two decades.

In one of Family Guy’s many non-sequitur gags, known on the show as “cutaways,” there is a scene where Edward Scissorhands takes an infant baby away from her mother and father.

“Okay, I’m an excellent wet nurse, so you two get some much deserved sleep. Don’t worry about a thing. I’m going to take such loving care of this child. And when you two wake up your precious little baby will be smiling as bright as the sun,” says the Scissorhands character.

Depp was the one providing the voice to his old-school character, and it was actually a nerve-wracking experience for him.

“When he was in the booth, he said that he felt like he hadn’t done that voice since he did it in front of the camera,” said Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

“He was able to snap right back into Edward Scissorhands once we pulled up a clip from the movie…He was amazing — and demonstrated extraordinary patience with all the fawning women in our office who swarmed him,” Hentemann said.

Depp’s “Scissorhands” cameo can be seen in the episode entitled “Lois Comes Out of Her Shell.”

Via Daily Mail

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