Mayim Bialik Announces She Will Divorce Her Husband

Mayim Bialik has announced that she and her husband Michael Stone will be getting a divorce, nine years — and two children — after they tied the knot. Their children are ages seven and four, and Bialik said their well-being will be her and Michael’s primary consideration moving forward.

“The main priority for us now is to make the transition to two loving homes as smooth and painless as possible. Our sons deserve parents committed to their growth and health and that’s what we are focusing on,” Bialik wrote on her blog.

Bialik and Stone were married in 2003, which was right in the middle of Bialik’s five-year hiatus from acting. It was at a time in her life when she was focusing on different things, but she would eventually return to an acting career in 2005 before making it her full-time avocation when she was cast as the quirky but lovable Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory.

By all accounts, she has a very different life than she did in 2003, so a divorce seemed almost inevitable. Bialik’s personal life is not exactly tabloid-riddled, so there certainly were no rumblings of discontent, but apparently the two had been having problems for a while.

“After much consideration and soul-searching, Michael and I have arrived at the decision to divorce due to ‘Irreconcilable Differences.’ Divorce is terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children. It is not something we have decided lightly,” she wrote.

She finished her blog post by writing, “We will be OK.”

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