Randy Jackson No Longer American Idol Judge: Rumor

After an entire decade with American Idol – longer than any other judge on the show – Randy Jackson will reportedly not be giving his verdit to any more “dawgs” on the hit Fox reality competition. He will still be a part of the show, but as a celebrity “mentor” to the contestands without an official say for who stays and who goes.

According to rapidly increasing rumors, Jackson’s presence on the show is going to be minimized to make way for the fresh faces of Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, whose positions on the next season have not been officially confirmed by Fox but have been reported on by all the high-profile Hollywood sources.

Ever since the show began a shift in its star power, Jackson has kind of had an identity crisis on the show. There was one awkward moment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few years ago when Ryan Seacrest was doing a joint interview with Jackson, and he asked the long-running judge if the producers even talked to him about changes that were happening with the show.

Jackson, like Seacrest, has been on American Idol since the beginning. However, he has consistently been one of the lowest-paid on-air personalities. His salary comes nowhere close to that of Seacrest, and even the new judges are expected to be earning millions of dollars more per season than Jackson.

It isn’t perfectly clear what his new role on the show will be, but it is pretty likely that he didn’t ask to be kicked out of the judge’s table. What this does lead to, though, is speculation that yet another new judge will come forward to join Mariah Carey at the beginning of the next season.

Via LA Times

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