First Guests Revealed For Katie Couric's New Talk Show

Katie Couric is ready to make her return to the good-natured, jovial side of TV broadcasting after her stint as the hard-news anchor of CBS’s 6:30 PM national news broadcast. Her new daytime talk show, Katie, will be airing soon, and her slate of A-list celebrities has started to pour through the Internet.

Apparently, at least at the beginning, the show plans to deliver on a theme of “new beginnings,” which is obviously appropriate as Couric begins a new chapter in her life. To that end, the very first guest will be Jessica Simpson, who is managing big changes in her life as well, having become a mother in May.

The first episode will also include a performance by Sheryl Crow who fits in with the theme of new beginnings because she recently was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has had to make major life changes as a result.

In the first three weeks, some of the celebrities that will be appearing include:

– Jennifer Lopez
– Heidi Klum
– Susan Sarandon
– Chelsea Handler
– Sofia Vergara
– Demi Lovato
– Wendy Williams
– Barbra Streisand

Couric doesn’t want the show to be just about celebrities, though. She will place an emphasis on ordinary people will extraordinary stories to tell. The show premieres on September 10.

Via TV Guide

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