NBC Threatened Howard Stern Over Jay Leno Joke

Now that Howard Stern has a show on NBC, he has to watch what he says on his very uncensored radio show. At least, that’s what NBC thinks. But that kind of mindset would only come frome someone who has never seen Howard Stern before.

The newest judge on America’s Got Talent hasn’t put any network pride on his sleeve, as he ripped into fellow show host Jay Leno on his talk show on Sirius XM radio.

At issue were the publicized staff cuts at The Tonight Show. Leno’s salary has been reduced because of declining ratings, and he has had to fire numerous people who work for him.

So he has taken to the monologue to take the blame off of him and put it on NBC. “Welcome to The Tonight Show, or as Comcast calls us, The Expendables,” he said in a recent episode.

Stern called Leno unprofessional for bringing it up in the monologue, saying, “Dude, just keep it to your f—ing self.” He also accused Leno of not accepting fault for the cuts. “He’s a spineless maggot. Jay wanted to cut staff. He’s embarrassed to do it. He didn’t want to come off as a bad guy,” Stern said during his radio show.

Of course, since Stern is now an icon of the network, the network wasn’t very happy. NBC executives apparently told him to back off of Leno. Who thought that was a good idea?

After that encounter, Stern went back to his radio show, saying, “I was laughing my a– off. I said, ‘Do not tell me to not talk about Jay Leno. I will f—ing talk about Jay Leno for four hours if you tell me not to.’ I was done with Jay. Now I’m all fired up again. F— Jay!”

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