Michael Strahan Tapped As Kelly Ripa's New Co-Host

After a seemingly unending run of guest spots on the show that used to be run by Regis Philbin, it appears Kelly Ripa has finally settled down with a new cohost.

After Philbin left the show, its name changed to Live With Kelly, and ever since then Ripa has been filling the Regis void with a series of guest hosts, some of which were no doubt vying for the permanent gig and others just there when they were in New York or because they never turn down an opportunity to be seen by million of people.

But it looks like one of the latter was Michael Strahan, former NFL great and current commentator for Fox’s coverage of said NFL. And according to Broadcasting & Cable, he has been offered the full-time position next to Kelly Ripa for the late morning show.

Strahan had previously been one of the guest hosts, and his down-to-earth, heavy presence on the show is what was needed to offset Ripa’s jovial and folsky approach to morning TV.

This report has not been confirmed by the network, although it seems unlikely that such an unexpected candidate’s name would be thrown out there if there wasn’t some serious weight behind it.

There’s no word on how much say Ripa had in choosing her new talk show companion, but no doubt she would want someone with a much smaller ego than her, and the humble Strahan would fit that bill.

Via Broadcasting & Cable

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