Martin Sheen To Appear In Son's "Anger Management"

Martin Sheen has agreed to guarantee water-cooler television conversations by appearing in the FX series Anger Management, which is known primarily as Charlie Sheen’s return to episodic television.

The show premiered with a two-episode debut in the same night. The first episode brought in 5.5 million viewers, making it the strongest opening for any show on the network, FX.

The second episode even broke that number, reaching a 5.7 million, a highly impressive number for any cable channel, much less one as prominent of FX.

But it seems like after people tuned in to see what Mr. Sheen was up to after his colossal meltdown and self explosion, they went back to the same lack of interest they’ve had in him for the last year or so.

The numbers for the second episode are in, and this time the show only raked in 3.4 million viewers. That is a 38% drop in viewership. Ouch.

In the target demographic of 18-49-year-olds, the show brought in 1.7 million during the second week, a 35% decline over opening night.

So Martin will step in to help make the show new and interesting again. He will in fact play Charlie Sheen’s father in the show, and it could lead to some real-life drama as well.

Ever since Charlie’s very public meltdown and drug addiction put him in the spotlight, Martin has remained very quiet about the entire ordeal.

Via Washington Post

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