NBC Universal Signs Ricky Martin For TV Deal

Sometimes you have music idols who become legends and live long, fulfillign careers in the spotlight decade after decade. That is not Ricky Martin. Then again, some music icons hit it big for a brief period of time and then fade away into nothingness. That is not Ricky Martin either.

He belongs to a much more unusual class of performer in that he used to be an incredible pop culture magnate, then sort of slipped into obscurity for a while, and has managed to come back in the limelight.

He is currently re-proving his acting and singing chops in the Broadway revival of the classic musical Evita. He also recently appeared in an episode of Glee.

So it is perhaps no surprise that TV execs want him back, starring in his own show.

NBC Universal Television EVP Bela Bajaria said in a statement today, “Ricky is an iconic superstar who is as talented as he is popular. Whether he’s performing before sold-out concert crowds, or starring on Broadway, where he is currently playing to SRO in Evita, Ricky connects with his audience in a very palpable way — and we are thrilled that he will be adding TV star to his incredible resume.”

No further details about this new project were revealed.

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